Thank you for a successful “mini” Sharathon!

KOLU Christian Family Radio has been serving the Tri-Cities area of Southeastern Washington since 1971 with family-friendly music and programming highlighting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our content ranges from sets of Christ-honoring music to Bible teaching and preaching programs along with news and public affairs. We even set aside special times for children’s programming to reach our goal of programming that serves the entire family.

Our conservative content remains true to biblical standards. We take very seriously the trust our listeners place in this ministry in all our programming.

We invite you to listen over the air or through the web..and stay tuned to some of the finest conservative Christian programming available!


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A New Transmitter for KOLU

We are really looking forward to replacing our main transmitter at KOLU.  Many hours were spent in early spring working on the “driver” tube in the transmitter. ...

2020 Sharathon a Great Success!

This year’s Sharathon “Little Is Much When God Is in It” featured how the Lord has taken the “little” things of small offerings and prayer in the ministry of...

Freezing Temperatures + Fog = ICE!

If you read my post last month, “Of Windstorms, Processors and Dishes”, you may have wondered what the big deal about “hoar frost” was when it comes to radio stations.  In...

Finding Music

Certainly, if we just use the term “music” loosely, there is an abundance of new material being introduced every day.  If we narrow the definition to “Christian” music, there...