50 Faithful Years

“50 Faithful Years”

This year’s Sharathon, or “Sharabration” celebrated 50 years of broadcasting through the ministry of Christian Family Radio.  Starting out with 390 watts of power on a 60 foot tower on the campus of Riverview Baptist Church, Christian Family Radio now reaches a potential audience of 750,000 people through our 39,000 watt main transmitter at KOLU south of Kennewick, along with 3 translators covering Yakima, the Lower Valley, and La Grande, Oregon. The Lord has greatly blessed this ministry through His people, and everyone that supports Christian Family Radio, with donations small or large, has a part in the lives that have been and continue to be affected by the message of this ministry through preaching, teaching and music.

The Sharathon started September 30th at 1 pm and ran through October 2nd  at 10 pm.  Friday, we start at 1pm and Saturday at 10:30 am.

Our operating budget this year was $115,000, which remains very low for a network that includes a 39,000 watt main station along with 3 translators, covering a large region in central and southeast Washington and northeast Oregon.  During the Sharathon, we raised $92,420 toward our operating budget, and are very thankful for those standing behind this ministry with their hard-earned money.

Once again, Don and Mike Cline hosted the Sharathon, and keep it engaging and enlightening, even while helping our listeners understand the importance in raising funds for operation.  We are very grateful for their contribution, taking time out of their busy lives, for the sake of the Gospel.

Listeners had the opportunity to participate and learn more about this ministry. Saturday brought a hot dog cookout as well with many coming out to enjoy food and fellowship! We also had many visitors to the studio.

Thank you for your participation in the Sharathon and may the Lord bless you for your sacrificial support of this ministry!