“Little Is Much When God Is in It”

This year’s Sharathon “Little Is Much When God Is in It” will feature how the Lord has taken the “little” things of small offerings and prayer in the ministry of Christian Family Radio and used those to make a tremendous difference in the lives of many.  God’s way of working in our lives often runs counter to our nature.

The Sharathon starts October 22nd at 1 pm and runs through October 24th  at 10 pm.  Friday, we start at 1pm and Saturday at 10:30 am.

Our operating budget this year is $120,000, which remains very low for a network that includes a 39,000 watt main station along with 3 translators, covering a potential audience of over 750,00 people.

Listeners will have the opportunity to participate and learn more about this ministry. Saturday brings a hot dog cookout as well with appropriate food handling and social distancing and you are invited out to enjoy food and fellowship! Visitors are welcome, but bring a mask unless you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing one.

Be sure to listen to and participate in the 2020 Christian Family Radio Sharathon, “Little Is Much When God Is in It”!