“Now More Than Ever”

We’re looking forward to this year’s Sharathon, “Now More Than Ever”, highlighting the importance of this ministry in our changing culture.  The Sharathon starts October 25th at 1pm and runs through October 27th at 10pm.  Friday, we start at 1pm and Saturday at 9am.

We are excited about an opportunity to add the LaGrande and Summerville areas of northeastern Oregon to our listening audience through a new FM translator (“repeater”).  We are praying for an additional $30,000 in funding to purchase and construct this translator.

Even with rising costs, our operating budget this year is $110,000, which remains very low for a network that includes a 39,000 watt main station along with 2 translators, covering a potential audience of over 700,00 people.

Listeners will have the opportunity to drop by the studio and learn more about this ministry and meet many of us that keep Christian Family Radio broadcasting 24 hours a day. Saturday brings a hot dog cookout as well and you are invited out to enjoy food and fellowship!

Be sure to listen to and participate in the 2018 Christian Family Radio Sharathon, “Now More Than Ever”!