Sharathon 2015: $95,080 for Christian Family Radio

“Give the Winds a Mighty Voice”

Our thanks to all of you that called in or donated on the web during Sharathon 2015!  Your generousity provided over $95,000 for continuing operations of Christian Family Radio for the next 12 months.  You also provided necessary funds to provide a necessary filter to better protect the Yakima translator, and much of the needs to “harden” KOLU with a backup generator and antenna to help our goal to keep Christian Family Radio on the air 24 hours a day.

We fell just $3,520 short of our goal for the backup generator/antenna project, and are confident that the Lord will provide through our listeners the funds to complete this project before winter sets in.  If you haven’t yet made your commitment, please consider helping out in this area.  You can make your commitment by making an online donation at this link, or by calling the Riverview Baptist Church office at 509-547-2021.

This year’s Sharathon was held Thursday through Saturday, October 1-3, running from 1-10pm Thursday and Friday, and from 9am-10pm Saturday.

You can view pictures taken during the Sharathon on our Sharathon Picture Page

Interviewing Missionaries

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Our theme this year was “Give the Winds a Mighty Voice”, highlighting our continuing to send the Gospel “through the winds” using the transmitters of Christian Family Radio.  This year, we completed our upgrade of KOLU from 4,100 to 39,000 watts as well as installing a translator (“repeater”) that brings Christian Family Radio to the Yakima area.

With these new installations come new expenses.  Our electric bill for KOLU has risen by $1200 per month.  On the other hand, we’ve been able to shuffle expenses were able to keep working budget nearly the same as last year’s: $90,100.

In addition, we’re planning to complete a backup antenna and generator project to keep KOLU on the air at our old power level should the main transmitter fail for any reason, including loss of electrical power at the site.  Total project cost is $7,500 to complete these two projects.

Finally, our Yakima translator has been quite reliable except for an electronic “filter” that keeps the transmitter from generating possible interference.  We’ll be replacing this with another device known as an “isolator” at a cost of around $1000.

Our guest host this year was Jody McManus of WRTW radio in Hammond, Indiana.  Jody started out in Christian radio here at Christian Family Radio, and is now manager of WTRW.

Many listeners took advantage of the opportunity to drop by the studio and learned more about this ministry and met many of us that keep Christian Family Radio broadcasting 24 hours a day. We had gifts for every visitor age 15 and over. Saturday brought a hot dog cookout as well.

Of course, regular support is still necessary to keep Christian Family Radio broadcasting, and these needs were also stressed.

View our 2015 Upgrades Video

View our 2015 Upgrades Video or in 1080p Windows Media

You can watch our video covering the upgrades we made this year at our 2015 Upgrades link.  (Use this link for 1080p Windows Media) This 8-minute video provides a lot of background information on this achievement made possible by supporters of Christian Family Radio.

2013-09 kolu video slide

KOLU History and Expansion

You can also view our earlier KOLU History and Expansion video at this link that was produced prior to these latest upgrades and learn more about how Christian Family Radio came about Through Answered Prayer.