Thank you so much for a successful “mini” Sharathon!  During the Sharathon, we were able to raise $61,225 toward the cost of a replacement transmitter for KOLU.  Because of the great support we received from our listeners, we will be proceeding through the process to purchase and install the new transmitter.  Whether or not you made a financial commitment during the Sharathon, you may donate online on our giving page by clicking the “Give to Christian Family Radio” button on the left.

Special thanks to Don and Mike Cline for going above and beyond in hosting this Sharathon, and really putting their hearts into it!

Our earlier post:

On Saturday, June 12, we are conducting a 1-day Sharathon to raise money to purchase a replacement for our main 20,000 watt transmitter at KOLU.  Our estimated cost for this replacement is $75,000, but the new transmitter will pay for itself quickly by saving well over $12,000 per year in electrical and maintenance costs!

KOLU’s main transmitter has been working pretty well for the past 6 years, but maintenance and electricity costs are rising and the transmitter has now passed it’s 26th birthday.  Replacement parts are getting more expensive and harder to get.  In particular, the 2 tubes used in the transmitter cost around $2,000 each and must be replaced an average of once per year.  If the tubes work well (which they don’t always do), it costs us $4,000 a year in just tubes to stay on the air.  Obsolescence is also catching up, the last “new” tube installed in the transmitter had a manufacturing date stamped on it of 2003, which is the age of a high-school graduate!

Thus, we are excited about the great support our listeners have given us, and look to you again to help in this very important need.  Please join with us on June 12 for this special one-day Sharathon.  If you can’t be with us then, just let us know how much you can help with this need.

Of course, the most important thing you can do is keep this ministry in your prayers.  We don’t take that lightly, and really appreciate the prayer team that “holds us all together” and brings us before the Throne of God.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support.  We look forward to you joining with our hosts Don and Mike Cline for a wonderful day on Saturday, June 12!