Update (November 19, 2017)

We have switched providers and are now back up and running on our audio streaming.  Please keep in mind that we have little or no control over third parties, such as Tune-In or ShoutCast, that rebroadcast our signal.  It may take a considerable amount of time before you can pick up our signal there.  We recommend that you bookmark our link here at kolu.com and use it to listen to our signal.  Our new signal uses ShoutCast technology and is compatible with virtually all devices.

Thank your for your understanding, prayers and support!

Original Post:

Those of you that use our audio stream have probably noticed that is was not working or would be unreliable for the last week or two.

The service that we have been using for many years has not been checking their server and would not respond to multiple requests to fix the problem. We have cancelled this service and are working on a permanent solution.

In the meantime, we have temporarily switched to another service (BoxCast), which is designed to handle video streams from other related ministries, but has proven to be very reliable. These streams can not be scheduled for more than 24 hours at a time, so we have set up our audio stream to run for 24 hours, then start a new stream each day at midnight.

We appreciate your patience and faithfulness. Please continue to pray for this ministry, and, once again, thank you!

This last Friday and Saturday, work was completed to inspect, check structural bolts, then wash and paint the tower located at KOLU’s studio. Chief Engineer Martin Gibbs and contractor RS Technology, along with a “ground crew” were able to finish this important work during one of the first good-weather opportunities this spring.

Tower Washing

Martin pressure washing the tower

The tower is used for equipment that carries Christian Family Radio’s signal to our transmitter on Beck Mountain south of Kennewick. It is also used for antennas that receive National Weather Service broadcasts and off-air monitoring of KOLU’s main broadcast signal. Small “dish” type antennas provide network links to different buildings on the campus as well.

This tower was originally built for KOLU’s main antenna in 1971 when the station first signed on at 390 watts. In 1978, during KOLU’s first upgrade to 3,900 watts, it was raised from its original 60 feet height to its present 100 feet. The upper 60 feet of the tower had fading white and Aviation orange paint, while the rest of the tower was in its original galvanized construction.

On Friday, the tower was inspected and all bolts were checked and tightened as necessary. Then, the entire tower was washed using a high pressure washer to remove loose paint and other debris. Saturday, the tower was given a fresh coating of gray cold-galvanizing compound, which will protect the surfaces for many years to come.

Tower Painting

Martin and Rob of RS Technology painting

We are so thankful for those that helped in this project, and for the smooth and safe conduct of the work. A special thanks to RS Technology for their hard work and expertise that made this possible. We also extend our gratitude to our listeners for their prayers and financial support that enabled this project. Certainly, we trust that “safety is of the Lord.” (Prov. 21:31)

Sherry challenges parents and grandparents of military personnel to a $10 one-time gift
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Mary Anne challenges all Sunday School workers to a $10 one-time gift
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Sunday-school bus workers are challenged to commit to a $5 one-time gift
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Parents with children that are in College are challenged to a $100 one-time gift

Donna, an outstanding Southern Chef, is offering a meal for 8 to 10 people to the person that bids the largest donation to Christian Family Radio for this meal
-Barbara bid $200 for this meal
-Pastor G raised the bid to $225
-Shonna raised the bid to $230
-Jenny raised the bid to $250
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Scott won the bid with $400

Mary Ann challenges Grandmas to a $5 one-time gift for each grandchild
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Kathy challenges all Riverview Missions Thrift Store workers to $10/month

Monday night, August 8, smoke was observed over an equipment shelter near KOLU’s studio at Riverview Baptist Church.  This shelter is a “nerve center” of sorts for KOLU, relaying the broadcast signal to our main transmitter on Beck Mountain as well as handling all network traffic in and out of the offices.

By the time the fire department arrived, flames were just starting to appear.  The fire was promptly extinguished and damage was minimal, but equipment had to be taken off line quickly to avoid water damage.  Things were left to be sorted out Tuesday morning.

Thankfully, most of the equipment was in good shape except for one file server that contained all the information used to run the automation equipment that keeps programming going on at the station.  Complicating this, Chief Engineer Martin Gibbs was visiting relatives in Nebraska at the time of the fire.

Once network access was restored, Martin consulted with assistant John Probasco and a plan was worked out to restore Christian Family Radio to the air without automation, meaning that someone had to be at the station 24 hours a day until the file server could be restored.  John was able to repair the server, but all the data and programs had to be restored, which was done by Martin remotely from Nebraska (sitting at a dining room table in his brother’s house, no less!).

By Thursday afternoon, most of the operations for the station were restored to normal, although several minor functions are, as of this writing, still being worked on.

Many thanks to Martin, John and all those that put in extra effort to restore Christian Family Radio to full operation.  This could have been much more catastrophic for KOLU and Riverview Baptist Church, but the Lord protected these operations with a bit of a reminder that we always need to remain vigilant and that we should always be looking at ways to make our operation more reliable.

Please accept our apologies for not providing this update on our web site at an earlier time.  At first, we could not access the web site since it requires going through the equipment that was shut down, then we focused our attention on getting the operation back up again.