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Programs are the essence of what we do at Christian Family Radio. All the staff, investment and technology that we utilize is for a single bring you the finest in Godly, Christ-honoring programming that is suitable for the whole family. Enjoy browsing here for more information about a favorite program, to learn more about programs that you may not be familiar with, or just to satisfy your curiosity.

  • Listed here is the regular schedule of programs played on Christian Family Radio for each day of the week. You may click on the Program Name or Info icon to learn more about each program.

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    Program Schedule for Sunday
    Day of WeekStart TimeProgram NameInfo
    Sunday12:00AMMusic 'Til DawnINFO
    Sunday3:00AMSRN NewsINFO
    Sunday3:05AMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday3:30AMWeather ForecastINFO
    Sunday3:31AMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday4:00AMSRN NewsINFO
    Sunday4:04AMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday4:30AMWeather ForecastINFO
    Sunday4:31AMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday5:00AMSRN NewsINFO
    Sunday5:03AMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday5:30AMWeather ForecastINFO
    Sunday5:31AMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday6:00AMSRN NewsINFO
    Sunday6:05AMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday6:30AMWeather ForecastINFO
    Sunday6:31AMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday7:00AMSRN NewsINFO
    Sunday7:04AMSpecial AnnouncementINFO
    Sunday7:05AMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday7:29AMManager's Minute INFO
    Sunday7:30AMWeather ForecastINFO
    Sunday7:31AMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday8:00AMSRN NewsINFO
    Sunday8:03AMSpecial AnnouncementINFO
    Sunday8:04AMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday8:30AMWeather ForecastINFO
    Sunday8:31AMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday9:00AMSRN NewsINFO
    Sunday9:05AMSpecial AnnouncementINFO
    Sunday9:06AMThe Gospel HourINFO
    Sunday9:34AMWeather ForecastINFO
    Sunday9:35AMOur Daily BreadINFO
    Sunday9:37AMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday10:00AMRiverview Baptist HourINFO
    Sunday11:24AMWeather ForecastINFO
    Sunday11:25AMSpanish ProgrammingINFO
    Sunday11:45AMRiverview Baptist Spanish HourINFO
    Sunday1:10PMSpanish ProgrammingINFO
    Sunday2:00PMSpanish ProgrammingINFO
    Sunday2:00PMStation IDINFO
    Sunday2:00PMOld-Fashioned Revival HourINFO
    Sunday3:00PMSRN NewsINFO
    Sunday3:05PMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday3:28PMManager's Minute INFO
    Sunday3:29PMWeather ForecastINFO
    Sunday4:00PMSRN NewsINFO
    Sunday4:01PMKorean Special ProgramINFO
    Sunday4:39PMWeather ForecastINFO
    Sunday4:40PMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday5:00PMRiverview Baptist Sun Evening ServiceINFO
    Sunday6:30PMWeather ForecastINFO
    Sunday6:31PMSpanish ProgrammingINFO
    Sunday7:00PMRiverview Baptist Spanish HourINFO
    Sunday8:30PMSpanish ProgrammingINFO
    Sunday8:31PMStation IDINFO
    Sunday8:31PMSpanish ProgrammingINFO
    Sunday8:46PMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday9:00PMStation IDINFO
    Sunday9:00PMThe Gospel HourINFO
    Sunday9:29PMManager's Minute INFO
    Sunday9:31PMSongs in the NightINFO
    Sunday10:00PMSRN NewsINFO
    Sunday10:33PMWeather ForecastINFO
    Sunday10:34PMOur Daily BreadINFO
    Sunday10:36PMRecorded Music INFO
    Sunday11:00PMMusic 'Til DawnINFO
  • This is a listing of all programs played on Christian Family Radio. To learn more about a program, click on the Info icon.

    Program NameInfo
    A Visit With Mrs. G.INFO
    Adventures in OdysseyINFO
    Adventures of Patch the PirateINFO
    Answers...with Ken HamINFO
    Bible Tract EchoesINFO
    Breaking the Chains INFO
    Citizen LinkINFO
    Compassion RadioINFO
    Daily in the WordINFO
    Fables of FaithINFO
    Facing TomorrowINFO
    Family Altar ProgramINFO
    Fellowship BroadcastINFO
    Focus on the FamilyINFO
    Focus on the Family Radio TheatreINFO
    Fortress of FaithINFO
    Founder's Corner INFO
    Inspirational Instrumentals INFO
    Keys for KidsINFO
    Korean Special ProgramINFO
    Legal AlertINFO
    Life IssuesINFO
    Love Worth FindingINFO
    Manager's Minute INFO
    Moments for MissionsINFO
    Music 'Til DawnINFO
    Old-Fashioned Revival HourINFO
    Our Daily BreadINFO
    Pastor's Study INFO
    Phyllis Schlafly ReportINFO
    Ranger BillINFO
    Recorded Music INFO
    Rejoicing With JoyceINFO
    Rise and Shine INFO
    Riverview Baptist HourINFO
    Riverview Baptist Mid-Week ServiceINFO
    Riverview Baptist Spanish HourINFO
    Riverview Baptist Sun Evening ServiceINFO
    Riverview Reporter INFO
    Science, Scripture & SalvationINFO
    Send the Light INFO
    Sharing with Sherry INFO
    Songs in the NightINFO
    Spanish ProgrammingINFO
    Special AnnouncementINFO
    SRN NewsINFO
    Station IDINFO
    Stories of Great ChristiansINFO
    Storybook RoomINFO
    The Gospel HourINFO
    VCY America CrosstalkINFO
    Verse of the Week INFO
    Weather ForecastINFO

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